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Customer satisfaction is my main priority and soy candles my passion.

Made from 100% soy wax, the best quality fragrances, 100% essential oils, and recycled containers where possible, Calico Craft Supplies' products are as close to nature as possible.

Our soy wax comes from a sustainable source, is completely renewable, contains no GMO material or unnatural additives, and is Kosher certified. Our quality candles and melts are eco-friendly, burn cleanly leaving no residual soot, and are non-toxic.

As soy wax melts at a very low temperature (40-45C) it won’t burn your skin and is easily cleaned up in hot, soapy water. This also makes it possible to use many types of containers, including recycled wine glasses. 

Calico Craft Supplies is a home-based business delivering hand-made products direct to you from the manufacturer. For this reason I am able to keep extremely competitive pricing and prefer to communicate directly with my customer via email rather than an internet based shopping cart or form.

Visit the Products page and be assured you will not only be purchasing a quality product but getting the best possible personal service available.


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